Welcome to my blog of occasional and miscellaneous musings on language and literature!

Language is not only fascinating in itself, but also essential for understanding the richness of human experience, and for communicating meaningfully, respectfully and productively with others. In the beautiful yet troubled world we inhabit, I believe language has an important role in healing. I can’t claim that this blog is directly contributing to that, but let it at least be in our sights. I do hope that my blog helps to spark or nurture your love for language, or to engage your curiosity.

I enjoy languages, but I am not a linguist. My first language is English, and I am proficient in Arabic which I have taught for close to ten years. My PhD was in Arabic and Islamic Studies. I also have a working knowledge of French, Persian and Urdu, and have dabbled (to varying extents) in German, Hindi, Gujrati, Hebrew and Shona. So, you can expect that my blog posts will mainly deal with miscellaneous topics in Arabic grammar, morphology, rhetoric, or lexicology, and perhaps the occasional translation of a piece of poetry or prose. I have another website, http://dewdropsweb.com, that deals with religious (Islamic) subjects.

I should add a couple of disclaimers:

    • This blog is not intended to teach you Arabic. While I expect that many of my posts will be intelligible (and hopefully interesting) even to people who know no or little Arabic, they will probably be more beneficial to those who do know some Arabic.
    • You are welcome to comment (including correcting me if you find I have said something wrong), but (regrettably) I cannot guarantee responses to all comments.

Thank you,

-Suheil Laher